Romar Beach

Public Beach Access in Orange Beach, Alabama.

This is located at Signal 11 B in Orange Beach. If you are headed west you have to make a U turn at the light, it does not turn directly into the parking lot. This access is not currently marked well after the recent Perdido Beach Blvd. Highway construction.

This is considered an Alabama’s Gulf State Park and the beach access sits between 2 high rise condos, Seaside Beach and Racquet Club on the left and Phoenix V Vacation Rental Condominiums on the right.

There is a wooden fence that connects the 2 buildings just ahead of the sand dunes. There is a sandy driveway with an opening in the fence on the right for life guard vehicle access through the dunes to the beach.

Things to do near Romar Beach

Just east on 182 is Adventure Island and Fat Daddy’s Arcade if you looking to get out of the heat and entertain the kids for awhile. Bubba’s Seafood Restaurant is just east of those if you are looking for a bite to eat.

Just west on 182 is Flip Daddy’s and the Ruby Slipper restaurants. Note Ruby Slipper is not open for dinner.

Romar Beach Boardwalks

The wooden boardwalk through the sand dunes to the beach is 165 feet long and T’s to the left a short stretch with stairs to the beach and to the right a long handicap ramp. Both ends at the stairs and the end of the ramp are covered with sand.

At the end of the ramp is the turtle toy box with sand pales and shovels for the kids. The distance from the boardwalk to the shoreline is approximately 225 feet long.

Romar Beach Amenities

Lifeguard stand 4 sits to the right with beach chair service past it. There is also beach chair service directly in front of the boardwalk and to the left.

2 Port-o-lets sit off to the left side of the parking lot, one which is currently on it’s side and I wasn’t about to check the condition of the other.

There are no shower or bike rack amenities at this time. There are garbage cans at the wooden fence as well as in the parking lot with a recycle bin.

How to Find It

This beach access area is located 6.6 miles east of Alabama Highway 59 and 1.3 miles west of Alabama Highway 161.

Romar Beach Public Access

Romar Beach Public Access