Gulf Shores, Alabama Beaches

Lagoon Pass

Public Beach Access in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

This area is one of the best on the beach for young children as long as you are on the lagoon, north side of the pass. There is a small gravel lot with an extended second lot off to the right which is a little further walk to the beach.

This parking lot does charge for parking and has a pay box at the end. It cost $5 for up to 4 hours or $10 per day.

To the right, north, is large shallow area in front of a small stretch of sand at the lagoon entrance. The beach here has a lifeguard stand and is generally one of the safest family friendly areas for toddlers.

Head under the bridge to the south you follow along the retainer wall where the pass connects to the gulf. This area is very dangerous and no swimming is allowed. The current can be very swift and will pull you under. The retainer wall and beach here is approximately 650 feet long and has several garbage cans along the way to the shoreline to help keep our beaches clean and pristine.

There is a lifeguard stand to the left here overlooking the gulf. You will see private homes on both sides of the pass.

Because of the popularity of this area for young children, it is recommended that you get here early to have a parking space and enjoy your day.

Having Fun on Lagoon Pass Public Beach

Around dusk each day, this is a great time to watch the cranes in the wading pools that form at the end of the retainer wall on each side. The cranes along with the seagulls can be found by the dozen feeding here.

The cranes aren’t typically shy to people and you can get some great up close photos of them, but please don’t approach them. Here you will sometimes find local fishermen competing with the birds for dinner. They wade in the surf with their fishing poles and still manage to stay upright despite the various breaks in the shoreline waves here.


There are the separate male and female restrooms located at the end of the lot where the pay box is, and behind the building is the outdoor shower with 2 overhead showers and 1 for your feet. There is one small covered area at the edge of the parking lot with information about our coastal birds.

Behind the restrooms is a larger retainer wall that connects Little Lagoon to the Gulf and runs under the bridge on 182 that is stamped with dolphins.

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    How to Find It

    This is an easy location to get to.  Just drive south on Highway 161 and turned left on Perdido Beach Blvd, Highway 182.  The beach access is about a block down on the right.

    Lagoon Pass Beach Access